Meet Our Team

trucky located near BART, is a family-owned business serving the San Francisco Bay area and California for over 40 years.

We offer our employees security and opportunity. We are not offering jobs, but careers to those who have what it takes to grow and advance within the company. Candidates that possess a strong work ethic and upstanding character will be considered above experience. Our operations are unique and unlike other warehousing jobs so employees possessing the right attitude and base skills will be developed and trained to effectively contribute to our team, grow and succeed.

  • Ryan Bikery / General Manager

  • Vincent Ronsey / Senior Car Mechanic

  • Wallace Page / Car Mechanic

  • Ryan Bikery / General Manager

  • Vincent Ronsey / Senior Car Mechanic

  • Wallace Page / Car Mechanic

  • Our Values

    Customer Service

    We employ the right people and train them to deliver exceptional service.

    safety & Reliability

    99.5% of our trips are completed without any mechanical problems.


    We view our customers as partners and focus on building long-term relationships.

    our prices

    We aim to make our service as reasonably priced, as possible, allowing multiple SMBs to use our trucking for good!

    We are an industry leader in interstate freight transportation!

    worldwide transport

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    “While the air freight always seemed a viable option to us before, thanks to this logistic company’s expertise we were able to figure out that actually shipping our goods by sea will be a much more efficient arrangement.

    Anete Puga,


    “Having been using one and the same company for all of our cargo transportation needs for the last 23 years, we were recently forced to find a new one as they went out of business. Anyways, we’re so glad that we’ve made the switch!

    Bradley Grosh,


    “With the help of the crew at this logistic company we were able to finally minimize all of our transportation expenses,all the while making sure that neither the speed of our operations nor the price for it all has been changed for good.

    Dayle Peters,


    “If anyone ever asks us as to why we chose this logistic company for covering all of our cargo shipment needs, we’ve always got an answer: the thoroughness they have is impressive, just as well as their pricing fees are so affordable!

    Patrick Pool,



    professional drivers and a professional back-office and sales personnel!

    Trucky Transportation Company is a full-service company, offering an ultimately reliable transportation of flatbed, over-sized and over-weight freight shipments throughout all of the North America. Regardless of whether you’re shipping heavy machinery items, some kind of a rolling stock…


    Trucky was created a couple of decades ago, founded by two best friends

    The two grew up in the state of Michigan and each began a career in transportation that culminated with the founding of Trucky. Between them two, Brent and Phil have over 50 years of practical work experience in the trucking industry, being aware of the tiniest smallest nuances, finishing with a deep practical.


    we offer career opportunities for drivers, mechanics, office and support staff.

    When we’re taking a new transportation order, we always make sure to provide both first-class servicing, clean equipment, professional lorry drivers and a professional back-office and sales personnel! With our trucks ranging from regular heavy-duty ones to specialized, with special conditions…